Following the introduction of metal halide light bulbs in the marketing, there has been a lot of changes and improvements, particularly involving the manufacturing technology used. These improvements have resulted in a change of color and luminosity of these bulbs, something that has seen them become even much better.

By installing a metal halide bulb in place of your existing standard light bulb at home or place of work, there are several benefits why you should go ahead with the plan. Outlined below are some of the outstanding benefits of replacing your current light bulbs with new metal halide light bubs.

First and foremost, metal halide light bulbs are specially designed to produce more intense light which is more that what other types of 150w hqi light bulbs produce. In most cases, metal halide light bulbs can produce up to 115 lumens, with the lowest being 65 lumens for each watt of energy consumed. As a result, a metal halide bulb is capable of lighting a very large area by using far less amount of electricity.

The out good thing about using this type of bulb is that it is very small in size so you will not have a lot of problems deciding where to install one around the office or home. Because they produce a lot of intense light, metal halide bulbs should be installed in specific areas of the home where a lot of direct light is needed like the kitchen or work stations.

Besides the aforementioned benefits, another reason why you should consider a metal halide light bulb is that they can produce light capable of traveling through the ultraviolet spectrum, something that is not possible with florescent or incandescent light bulbs. Because of this, you can use a metal halide light bulb to grow fish in an aquarium, as well as for growing outdoor plants.

Also, these City Lamps play an instrumental role in aiding the production of endorphins in the body. In case you are suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, you can fight the symptoms associated with the same by using a metal halide bulb.

Most importantly, metal halide light bulbs last longer than ordinary light bulbs you may be using at home or office, part of the reason being that they do not use a lot of electricity. Besides saving you money in form of utility bills, these bulbs also save money because you will not have to have many spares at home just in case. Also, you will not have to make replacements so often in your home or office.